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The Dixie Moon Saloon's Songwriter Sunday series continues!  Make plans to join us on Sunday, September 9th starting at 6 p.m., as four talented songwriters share their songs and the stories behind them. Cover is just $10.


More on Lia K. Catallo at ReverbNation.com.

Lia K. Catallo

Lia KC / Lia K. Catallo is an up and coming 16-year-old singer/ songwriter. Lia is a regular on the Detroit music scene, with several recent bookings that are bringing her national prominence. Recently, Lia played at the iconic Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. She is also thrilled to be playing on her first national stage alongside the Gin Blossoms, Everclear & .38 Special at the 2018 edition of Arts, Beats & Eats. Lia has written over 30 songs and is currently in the studio recording her EP, “I Am Home.”


Learn more at Facebook.com/RyanDillaha.

Ryan Dillaha

Ryan Dillaha fronts a working-class rock and roll band that was formed in 2012. Dubbed Ryan Dillaha & The Miracle Men, the band has gained a well-deserved reputation for rollicking, whiskey-fueled performances. Critical praise for Dillaha's songwriting has noted his careful word play and catchy hooks. The band’s debut album, "Miracles in Mono" is available now at iTunes and other digital retailers.


Preview Mia's talents at HollyBerntBand.com.

Holly Bernt

Holly Bernt and her band mates (collectively, The Holly Bernt Band) are living proof that raw talent, ambition, and honesty can prevail in an evolving music industry. By aligning their firm dedication of a do-it-yourself work ethic with a signature sound, Holly, Jimmy, and Max are helping to rejuvenate the Detroit music scene. “Our songs are a part of our story,” says Holly. “We hope that in some way other people will find their stories in our songs as well.”


More on Steve Taylor at www.ReverbNation.com.

Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor graduated from Boston's prestigious Berklee College of Music in 1995 with a degree in songwriting. After returning to Michigan, Steve joined Detroit-based band, The Vudu Hippies. The Hippies released the CD, "Trampoline" in 1997 to rave reviews and a Detroit Music Awards nomination for Album of the Year. Steve is currently the front man for The Steve Taylor Three.  Check out their critically-acclaimed album, "Check Your Baggage" available now at your favorite digital retailer.



Enjoy a taste of the talents you'll enjoy at Songwriter Sunday.