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The Dixie Moon Saloon's Songwriter Sunday series continues!  Make plans to join us on Sunday, March 10 starting at 6 p.m., as four talented songwriters share their songs and the stories behind them. Cover is just $10.


Visit Mike at www.MikeGalbraith.net.

Mike Galbraith

As a songwriter, Detroit's Mike Galbraith owes as much to the Replacements as he does Bob Dylan, to Nirvana as much as Neil Young, to Calvin & Hobbes as Ernest Hemingway.  Simple truths and insightful storytelling mark modern tales, oft beset by booze and heartbreak. No fat. No feathers.

His unique voice sets him apart from other singer-songwriters. Come for the voice, stay for the stories.

Visit Mike at www.MikeGalbraith.net.


Barelyon is what happens with the Big Apple meets the Motor City. A champion and an underdog rolled into one. A ton of hustle and zero ounces of quit. Stylistically, raw, soulful, pop rock with influences from Amy Winehouse, Frank Sinatra, The White Stripes, John Mayer, and other artists known for embracing the history of music while molding it into something new. Originally from NYC and Detroit respectively, Barelyon is a collaboration between Leona CW and Brion RGB (Riborn) –and often other groovy music people at live shows– creating music with a focus on duets and harmonies. Almost every song is an interaction between singers. There is no lead. Barelyon is a duo. Barelyon is a band. Barelyon is.


Discover more at www.CarolynStriho.com.

Carolyn Striho

Regarded as one of the city’s best singer/songwriters, Carolyn Striho first made her name fronting the dynamic Detroit Energy Asylum and her work with punk priestess Patti Smith. Carolyn has a strong reputation for charismatic high-energy performances, deeply-felt lyrics and evocative style. Wildly original, fearless yet charming, Striho’s music has been described as being written “from the silver edge of midnight.” Carolyn has recently won two Outstanding Rock Songwriter of the Year & two recent Outstanding CDs of the Year in the Detroit Music Awards and an Honorable Mention for Billboard Magazine’s Song of the Year. Carolyn’s toured Italy, England, Japan, played many major festivals, fantastic clubs and galleries, and creates with soulful pop, jazz, punk, cabaret, rock and classical influences. Carolyn’s currently concocting and remixing a magnetic, romantic raw power recording to be released in 2017 as well as a new publishing deal.

Discover more at www.CarolynStriho.com.


More on Steve Taylor at www.ReverbNation.com.

Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor is a staple of the Detroit music scene. After graduating from Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music in 1995, Steve returned to Detroit to join the Vudu Hippies. Their successful run garnered rave reviews, gigs opening for top national artists such as Oasis and The Spin Doctors, and a Detroit Music Awards nomination for Album of The Year.

Taylor also has experience as an accomplished arranger, with credits on many notable albums and feature length films. In 2005, Steve began performing as a solo acoustic artist, bringing his blend of soulful original material and songs by his favorite artists to more intimate settings. Steve is also a highly sought after side musician, playing live shows with local artists such as Tim Diaz, Steve Acho, Karen Newman, Jody Raffoul, Corktown Popes, and Mitch Ryder.

These days, Taylor can be found alongside bassist Bryan Frink and drummer Carey Weaver, who together are The Steve Taylor Three. Their collaborations created their latest album, "Check Your Baggage," which is available now on iTunes.

More on Steve Taylor at www.ReverbNation.com.


Enjoy a taste of the talents you'll enjoy at Songwriter Sunday.